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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Crypto PR and Marketing Agengy


 BlockGroup happens to be a company that is led by Addison Huegel, a technology marketing and communications expert having a profound experience in establishing communities around B2B, B2C, and blockchain applications for numerous Fortune 500 businesses as well as startups. The primary intention of the BlockGroup Crypto Marketing Agency is […]

sd card

TF Card vs. SD card explained


 microSD cards can support SDIO mode meaning they can carry out non-memory tasks likes Bluetooth, GPS and Near Field Communications. TF cards nevertheless cannot perform these non-memory jobs. On the SD card, there is a switch on the security segment, a feature which is missing on the TransFlash card. Additionally, […]

app notifications

App Notifications – How to turn them off


 Smartphone apps are getting smarter and more intuitive with each passing year. As smartphone technology improves, so do their apps and their capacity to make our lives a lot simpler and more digital. And let’s face it. It’s a sad excuse to say that you weren’t aware that something came […]

app name changer

App name change – How to do it


 Does an app name changer exist? GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) have come a long way, and are currently the best and easiest way for humans to interact with devices in the form of touch screens. They are simple and intuitive, and it is not in doubt that companies like Apple, […]

computer malfunctioning
Computer Problem Fixes

Computer Malfunctioning


 Personal computers and laptops will always have the tendency to malfunction, no matter how good your specs are. That’s just the truth. You can have a $2,000 gaming rig but still end up with common problems that’ll hit a $200 laptop. What Causes a Computer To Malfunction? Computers malfunction for […]